Monday, April 18, 2005

a case of the monday's

i just want to
sit down, smoke a joint on the porch
drop the dream of academia for welfare promises and
sleep-in, recreational readin' freedom.

i just want to
think about plato on my own terms
have an 'aha!' moment when i
learn that my whole life is shadows on the wall
and i can never turn my head

i just want to
live, attain atman, eudaimonia, happiness
several routes to one end and i hope
i really hope
all of them work

Paul Beatty
New Voices
Donnell Library 5/5/92
© Dorothy Alexander Photographer Posted by Hello

sublimity of the printed word

a list of some recent amazing reads:

the white boy shuffle by paul beatty
siddhartha by herman hesse
maus (graphic novel) by art spiegelman
grounding for the metaphysics of morals by immanuel kant
discourse on the inequality of men by j.j. rousseau

preliminary remarks

i've begun this blog for reasons i'm not altogether aware of. i'd like to say i have some kind of mission statement or purpose for this endeavour, but really, i just thought that if i'm going to be writing some shit, i should write some shit in a forum that allows for the possibility of response and/or dialogue. not that i'm expecting many comments; my friend's blogs have shown me this disappointing truth. but i encourage comments and debate and i hope to glean wisdom from the words of those wiser and more experienced than myself. please do not hold your tongues.